LearnQuest Partner Portal Marketing Center

To access marketing collateral in LearnQuest’s Partner Portal, please go to http://www.learnquest.com/login.aspx, log in using your credentials, and click the “Marketing Center” tab.

You will find LearnQuest’s approved Education Partner logo, available in several file formats and various documents that you can use on your website to advertise your partnership with LearnQuest.

Apple Partner Website Requirements

  1. Once you’re approved by LearnQuest to become an Apple Authorized Training Provider, you must use the new AATP logo.

  2. After you have signed LearnQuest’s AATP contracts and been provided with a Partner Portal, you are required to display the AATP logo on both your website and marketing materials. The Trademark License Agreement (TLA) represents your acknowledgment of terms of use for Apple’s Brand Identity Guidelines governing the use of official Apple trademarks and logos.

  3. Our valued Apple Authorized Training Providers are providing Apple Training via LearnQuest. We require Partners to display LearnQuest’s approved Partner logo on their respective training and course webpages. The approved Education Partner logo (below) can be found in the Partner Portal under the Marketing Center tab.

Suggested Language

“[Name of AATP] is proud to announce that as an Apple Authorized Training Provider, we now have the opportunity to provide Apple Authorized training via LearnQuest. Apple has named LearnQuest its Authorized Global Training Provider, and our unique training partnership allows us to bring you the latest Apple courses.”

Apple Authorized Training Provider Logo Guidelines Minimum clear space

The minimum clear space around the signature is equal to the height of the Apple logo, measured from dimple to dimple. To create the greatest impact, allow even more space around your signature. Do not allow photos, typography, or other graphic elements to enter the minimum clear space area.

Minimum size

The minimum signature size should be used only when layout space is extremely limited. Use the signature at a larger size whenever possible. Make sure the Apple channel signature is smaller than your store or company identity.


Ratio to company logo

When using the Apple channel signature in collateral, the height of an Apple channel signature (measuring the full height of the Apple logo) should be no less than 1/4 and no more than 1/2 the height of the reseller identity.

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