SAP-AG, a German company is the world’s biggest ERP solutions provider and has been immensely successful and popular as a product, brand and is an excellent career option. There are various career options and opportunities after completing SAP certification.

There are several modules that SAP offers. The number of modules increases every year. Each business has a number of different modules such as Material Management (MM), Project System (PS), Sales and Distribution (SD), Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO), Quality Management (QM) etc. With time, they have differentiated some larger modules into several smaller ones such as MM into Plant Maintenance (PM), Production Planning (PP) etc. There are different modules for different enterprises depending on nature and size of the business. This has opened up new job opportunities for people and allowed them to become consultants in the line of work they are most comfortable in.

Another good option is a SAP solution manager.

The technical consultants or ABAP developers constantly have new tools and techniques to play with. Those who already have experience in SAP ABAP can try new techniques and open doors to new career opportunities. SAP aspirants have a several opportunities. So, one can positively pursue a career in SAP.

It is best to get certified in SAP from an authorised centre and study latest innovations such as in memory technology (HANA), mobility, analytics and cloud platform as it is certain that SAP would like to migrate all OLAP and OLTP applications to HANA. Analytics and Business Intelligence tools also have tremendous benefits switching over to HANA.