Many times we come across aspiring SAP candidates who are confused about which SAP module to choose as a career option. So, we decided to write out a brief blog-post which would help you to select the right one.

You need to consider three factors in while choosing your SAP module:

Your Career / Life Goals

This is often the most overlooked although the most important factor. Before selecting any SAP module, you need to identify whether your passion, aptitude and career goals lie in completing your SAP course with dedication and also working in that space.

Job Opportunities

Currently, SAP has 25 modules. The most implemented modules are the ones with most job opportunities.

We recommend you to narrow down your choice of SAP Modules to the following

  • SAP FI
  • SAP MM
  • SAP SD
  • SAP PP
  • SAP Basis/ ABAP – for people with a technical bent

Apart from these, SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SAP BI also known as SAP BW (Business Warehouse) are also in demand.

Academic Background and work experience

You need to factor in your education and work experience (if any) to trim the choices within various SAP modules available.

For instance, if you are a MBA in HR it makes no sense choosing SAP FI module. SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) module is the one for you. Working in the HCM module will give you a competitive advantage as compared to SAP FI where you will work as a fresher.

All the above factors collectively can help you find and choose the right SAP module for your bright career.