Every fresher getting into SAP who wants a better career enhancement has a doubt regarding the best SAP module that they should choose.How do We Choose Which SAP Module is the Best? The best SAPmodule is directly co-related to your area of interest and expertise. Knowing what interests, you will have the best SAP module since SAP is a wide space in the ERP world and finding the best module is like finding a needle in the hay.Every business has its own set of processes and operations and knowing what you want will help you get there. For instance, if your areas of interest lies in programming and you have an aptitude and experience in it, then SAP ABAP is the perfect module for you. You are most likely to make more in SAP ABAP with a better fresher salary.Here we have listed down the modules and their processes in SAP to help you understand the modules and choose the one that suits you best.
  1. Production Planning
This module covers the overall requirement of a manufacturing unit and all its related processes. It serves to establish the production costs that will help the organization achieve its goals in terms of satisfying customer demands, low wastage and high profits.
  1. Materials Management
This module works to combine all the factors necessary for the production right from the material flow, purchase and control of production materials, planning and controlling the work in progress, shipping, warehousing and distributing the final product.
  1. Sales and Distribution
The module combines all the sales and distribution process of the business, to the customers, business partners and company owners. The info about the products and services and customers is used in sales and distribution module. This is also the highest paid module in SAP.
  1. Financial Accounting
It is designed to deliver an automated report of Accounts Receivable, assets management, General Ledger, and Account Payable with a user-defined accounts chart.It aids the management in decision making and also supports internal reporting.
  1. Human Resources
This module takes care of the applicant administrative, payroll, organization data and time recording in the company. It helps in planning and controls the personnel activities within the organization.
  1. Asset Accounting
This module provides tools required to acquire, evaluate, depreciate and retire assets. The assets that are covered under the module are fixed assets, leased, low value and real estate.
  1. Industry Solutions
The industry solutions module is quite flexible and scalable and at the same time can be tailored to suit the needs of any business. For instance,
  • SAP Aerospace and Defence
  • SAP Automotive
  • SAP Banking
  • SAP Chemicals
  • SAP Consumer Products
  • SAP Engineering and Construction
  • SAP Telecommunication
  • SAP Utilities
We have made a list of the most important modules in SAP and you can choose the best module depending upon your knowledge, liking, aspirations, and experience in the field of your choice.