SAP’s Journey into the Clouds

  • SAP has deep experience serving 50+ million cloud users, with some of the world’s largest cloud implementations. SAP’s solutions offer an unparalleled user experience, all built with mobile access in mind, and all leveraging the industry expertise from more than 2,53,000 SAP customers in 191 countries across 25 industries.
  • SAP helps its customers to create the perfect cloud landscape to meet their business needs. The services and solutions offered by SAP will speed your move to the cloud and create a secure, highly scalable global IT environment that allows you to boost productivity, cut costs, and offer more value.

According to the SAP Cloud Overview, the future will bring with it the next generation of cloud computing. Among its predicted characteristics, the future cloud will include:

  • Rapid innovation cycles and co-innovation measures with customers
  • Embedded social collaboration
  • Mobile first design approach focused on the user experience
  • Improved user experiences harmonized across products
  • Analytics
  • Real time data
  • Open integration
  • The short term future of SAP and cloud computing involves bridging the gap between on premise equipment and full blown cloud computing. By embracing hybrid cloud computing and helping its customers navigate the transformational path, SAP is ensuring its place in the future of cloud computing.

Why Choose SAP for Cloud Computing?

The SAP team will simplify and accelerate your journey to cloud by providing expert guidance and support every step of the way. It can help to determine your cloud strategy, develop a transformation roadmap, execute cloud migration, operate your hybrid cloud environment – and even make sure you get the maximum value from your existing on- premise applications. Some benefits of SAP Cloud Computing are as follows:

  • Increase agility in your IT landscape with on-demand computing
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your SAP landscape
  • Automate time-consuming IT system administration tasks to reduce total cost of operations
  • Adapt to ever-changing business requirements – faster
  • Accelerate time to value for your business users

Important Information on SAP Cloud Computing

SAP’s strategy focuses on helping customers manage people, money, suppliers, and customers by delivering solutions that can be adopted at their customers’ own pace. It also offers solutions on a unified, open platform, allowing for the creation of cloud-based applications and SAP extensions. As much as SAP is embracing a hybrid cloud model, it appears to recognize that the future of cloud computing is, in fact, in the cloud. Hybrid solutions are viewed as transitional solutions that bridge the gap between on premise and cloud computing.

The real future is the cloud, and SAP is tightly focused on that. Its product strategy is powered by SAP HANA. SAP products can be broken down into cloud, mobile, analytics, applications, and database/technology categories, each of which makes use of SAP HANA. With one cloud platform supporting mobile, social, and data products, SAP customers can leverage the SAP cloud directly or via on premise equipment to better manage their own customers, money, people, and suppliers.

In the last blog we were talking about SAP HANA and SAP: Importance and the Future of SAP and shared the idea about both topics.

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