SAP Materials Management (MM) is a part of the Logistics field and helps to manage the procurement activity of an organization from procurement.

It supports all aspects of material management (planning, control etc).

It is the backbone Logistics which incorporates modules like Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Plant Maintenance, Project Systems, Warehouse Management which are an integral part of the Materials Management module.

Features of SAP MM

The features of SAP MM system are as follows:

SAP MM is one of the modules of SAP that deals with material management and inventory management.

Material Management process ensures that there is never a shortage of materials or any gaps in the supply chain process of the organization. SAP MM speeds up the procurement and material management activities making the business run smoother with complete time and cost efficiency.

It deals with managing the materials (products and or services) resources of an organization with the aim of accelerating productivity, reducing costs and increase improvement and at the same time be versatile to accommodate changes in day to day life.

It deals with the Procurement Process, Master Data (Material and Vendor Master), Account Determination and Valuation of Material, Inventory Management, Invoice Verification, Material Requirement Planning etc.