Are you passionate about what operations part of Business? Does it appeal you to know the technicalities of the operational part of a business process? If yes, then SAP is the kind of career you are looking for. SAP ERP Modules are gaining momentum given the present scenario. Specialists who have end to end knowledge related to SAP ERP Modules are very less while the kind of scope it offers. Therefore, getting a certification and thinking of a career in it will offer you great opportunities. SAP ERP is a software which integrates all the business process in order to provide you real-time information regarding the production and distribution of goods. It not only collates data from the various business process but even from the various departments like sales, production, distribution, inventory management, vendor selection etc. which is otherwise not possible manually. SAP Offers more than 160 certifications with great opportunities for IT professionals including SAP system administrator, architect, developer and technology consultant certification, each directed towards a specific SAP product. With a number of options available, there comes in the confusion as to which certification is the most suitable in the current business scenario. Some of the most implemented modules are the ones with the most job opportunities. This is the golden rule to know before making your decision.To make life a little easier we have tried listing down a few Modules which you can select for a certification. 
  • SAP FI – Financial Accounting
  • SAP MM – Material Management
  • SAP SD – Sales and Distribution
  • SAP PP – Production Planning
  • SAP HCM – Human Resource Management
  • SAP Basis/ ABAP – For people who have an inclination for the technical part of SAP.
 We have tried narrowing down the options, but there two things to keep in before selecting SAP as a career. The first one is that it should match with your initial education and work experience if any to give you a competitive edge over others. For example: If you have an MBA in HRM then it makes no sense to choose SAP FI because you will have to start from the scratch. Instead, you can choose SAP HCM which will match with your initial education and you will be able to relate with the concepts much better. The second factor to keep in the mind before doing a certification in SAP is your inclination and interest towards SAP. Does your career goals match with it? Will it take you at a better position than what you are at right now? If yes, only then you should think of doing it. You might be thinking that all this will not matter now, but in the future, it will. After factoring in the above stated two points, if you are still convinced in making a career in SAP. Then go ahead do a research in the above-listed Modules and choose the most suitable for you. The kind of scope SAP as a career provides you, you will in no time do good.