Before we go any further, first thing that needs to be noted: Only actual SAP experience is a valid qualification for SAP jobs. You can look at it in terms of graphic artists. People are more impressed by beautiful portfolio than by art degree. So what is SAP certification and why should you care?

SAP Certification is an exam conducted by SAP AG, the leading provider of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

Just like most other IT skills, SAP certification is full of controversy because of the contrast between the importances of certification versus hands-on SAP skills. If you intend to have a career as a SAP consultant the choice is easy. In that case you are required to obtain a certificate from SAP. That makes sense as any SAP consultant is expected to stay updated in order to be able to lend expertise to companies and help them build hi-tech services.

Primarily, candidates for SAP certification are people who already have worked and studied the SAP software, but are looking to gain more credibility and opportunities for advancement. You might already know everything about SAP, but if you are up against somebody who has experience and certification, they are more likely to get that job. SAP is one of those IT skills that is likely to always be in very high demand, even during periods when economy is doing rather poorly. It is not an investment into the present, but into the future.