10 Mistakes you should avoid in your SAP Job Interview

Within the industry, SAP certification is one of the highest paid areas of specialisation but in its selection process, the SAP interview is the biggest hurdle you could come across. Each interview is different and has its own demands which are to be understood clearly. One has to demonstrate a positive attitude and give smart answers to get picked up.  The following are the points which one must avoid:

  • Un-updated SAP CV- Your CV must be updated before going for an interview. The CV must be rich in quality.
  • Dishonesty– You must not falsify and exaggerate something that you do not possess. The CV must be honestly drafted without any falsehood.
  • Negative attitude-  You must not have a pessimistic approach in your interview. You must make sure to have a positive mindset throughout the interview process. Portraying a positive attitude can give you more benefits than possessing a lot of technical knowledge. You must show how keen you are to learn new things and skills.
  • Unpunctuality- You must keep in mind that your interview is a formal event and not a casual one. Be punctual and reach your interview location on time.
  • Non refreshed weak areas- If you possess some weak areas within your domain knowledge, make sure to study well and brush them up before your interview. This will help you to build up your own confidence and crack all the points.
  • Low self-confidence- The only key to success is self-confidence. Panicking will take you to the wrong side.
  • Weak concentration and communication- Communication is the key important factor you must pay attention to while at your interview. Listen and communicate with clarity with the employers.
  • Ignorance to your appearance and personality: Present yourself well at the interview. A n
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