How to Transform Yourself from a Fresher to an Expert SAP Consultant?

How to Transform Yourself from a Fresher to an Expert SAP Consultant?

You cannot transform yourself from a fresher to an expert SAP Consultant in overnight. It needs lot of commitment, dedication, sacrifice, effort, expertise and ability to become a reliable SAP Consultant. Unfortunately, there is no short cut to achieve this. SAP Certification would bridge this gap.
SAP Consultant jobs are lucrative, at the same time; they are mixed with hard work, lot of sacrifices, enormous amount of reading and flexibility to adopt new situations. Those consultants who have the real passion can only become the recognized consultants.

There are number of qualities that are required to become a successful SAP Consultant. good education, business process knowledge, good configuration skills, communication, team playing, understanding the business needs, quality documentation, reading ability, sharing knowledge and many more. A certification cannot make you a successful consultant in a day; however, it would help you in your life long career journey. Nothing can replace your hard work. To become a great SAP consultant is a long term process, learning new points on a daily basis and constructing a palace of knowledge over a period is key to your success.

The way SAP is coming up with new technologies, it is always difficult for the consultants to maintain that pace throughout their career. If you have a great listening quality, then you will always be open to learn new things. Learning is a process of life and there is no end to it. It is the greatest quality of any good quality SAP consultant.

Many people have asked me how I can become a good SAP Consultant. My only answer is passion. Without passion, we cannot be successful in what we do. I see myself SAP Consultancy is also skill like swimming. Before I learn swimming, I was always wondering how the people swim. Though I was so passionate for swimming, I did not know how to swim it. Once I learned swimming, and then compete with other people and learning all other new skills. Similarly, the people who aspiring to become a good SAP Consultant, also must be wonder, how can they become a good SAP Consultant. Also Read as much as you can, practice more, Never feel you have reached a pinnacle once you become a SAP Consultant.

Becoming SAP Consultant is not the end of story, it is the start of new life and new journey. New life also gives you more challenges, more awards, rewards, and sacrifices to achieve what you want in life. Learning new skill is always a challenge, to become a master in that skill it would take years together. Therefore, to become a great consultant, learn SAP with authority and do not keep any gaps in conceptual knowledge and basic fundamentals. If your fundamentals are strong, then you can build a great palace. 

 – Sunitha Jali

Interview Tips and Tricks

Interview Tips and Tricks

A job interview is to sell yourself to a potential employer. Interviews are meant for assessing your skills, evaluating your qualifications and to see whether you are best fit for their organization.

Below are some tips and tricks that can help you clear the interview and you can come across as a potential candidate for the job.
• Follow the proper dress code: First impression is the most important factor in job interviews whether you are interviewed in-person or virtually.
• RESEARCH about the company before the interview: If the candidate has taken time to learn about the details about the company, this will create an impression on the interviewer that you are serious for the position.
• Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early for the interview: Employers value punctuality.
• Take care of your body language: Hold your head high, stand straight, make eye contact with the interviewer, hold a slight smile and a firm handshake.
• Be Confident: Release stress and anxiety by taking deep breath.
• Make notes: Carry notepad and pen to take notes during the interview. It is an effective way to show interest in the job and your attention to detail.
• Never ask about salary or benefits: Don’t bring up salary question on your first interview unless the employer brings it up first.
• Always be honest: Don’t lie if you have been laid off or terminated from your previous job. Be open and confident for any part of your employment history that you are not proud of and also provide the valid reasons.
• Prepare question to ask to the interviewer post the interview: You can show your intelligence and communication skills by asking some thoughtful questions.
• Follow-up after the interview: It is a good gesture to send a ‘Thank You’ email to the interviewer for his/her time and follow-up on the interview.


10 Mistakes you should avoid in your SAP Job Interview

Within the industry, SAP certification is one of the highest paid areas of specialisation but in its selection process, the SAP interview is the biggest hurdle you could come across. Each interview is different and has its own demands which are to be understood clearly. One has to demonstrate a positive attitude and give smart answers to get picked up.  The following are the points which one must avoid:

  • Un-updated SAP CV- Your CV must be updated before going for an interview. The CV must be rich in quality.
  • Dishonesty– You must not falsify and exaggerate something that you do not possess. The CV must be honestly drafted without any falsehood.
  • Negative attitude-  You must not have a pessimistic approach in your interview. You must make sure to have a positive mindset throughout the interview process. Portraying a positive attitude can give you more benefits than possessing a lot of technical knowledge. You must show how keen you are to learn new things and skills.
  • Unpunctuality- You must keep in mind that your interview is a formal event and not a casual one. Be punctual and reach your interview location on time.
  • Non refreshed weak areas- If you possess some weak areas within your domain knowledge, make sure to study well and brush them up before your interview. This will help you to build up your own confidence and crack all the points.
  • Low self-confidence- The only key to success is self-confidence. Panicking will take you to the wrong side.
  • Weak concentration and communication- Communication is the key important factor you must pay attention to while at your interview. Listen and communicate with clarity with the employers.
  • Ignorance to your appearance and personality: Present yourself well at the interview. A n