SAP system is made up of fully integrated modules that cover all the aspects of a business management. It is well known and recognized for its Enterprise Resource Planning, also known as ERP and Data Management Programs.


  Interview SAP HANA questions The digital world is making progress by leaps and bounds. And one such example is the invention of SAP software. Business departments which once worked separately have been successfully integrated by the introduction of SAP. It helps in integrating all the business processes like accounting, sales, production, human resource and finance. This helps the organization to be assured that all the information flows smoothly between all the departments. Successfully implementing SAP is not an easy task. It requires a lot of planning and keeping several aspects in mind, engaging all the people in the organization and so on. Without proper planning and plotting SAP implementation may fail altogether and cost financial losses to the organization.


  • Despite investing heavily in SAP, many companies fail to give it the required attention. It is managed by the IT staff, with insights from financial managers. But the other major business functions like the Sales, Marketing, Supply chain etc. have very less or no involvement in SAP projects. When all the departments and people affected by the implementation of the new business program are involved right from scratch, it is sure to provide enormous benefits to the business.
  • Investment and implementation is just the beginning of a SAP program. The real work is to train the employees on the system before getting it started. Investing in extensive training hours to educate the employees helps in avoiding future chaos.
  • Anticipating the problems and planning for the solutions in advance is the characteristic of a proactive manager. This helps to implement the project smoothly.
  • For the successful implementation of the SAP Project, it is necessary to have the right resources in place. A team of top level employees need to be built in order to bring together the different aspects like political dimensions, organizational change management aspects, quality requirements etc. to deliver a profitable project.
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