The current job market is very competitive and saturated. According to a recent study, there are  as many as 15 candidates lined for a single job opening. In such circumstances where the supply of employees out much more the demand how can you make your own mark in an esteemed organization?  What are they ways in which you can make yourself seen in a world full of experts in various fields?
  • Network and More Network– One of the simplest ways to keep yourself afloat in the market is to keep networking with people. In a world full of social media platforms, this should not be such a difficult task. Build your circle around the people of your industry and profession. Maintain good relations with your old colleagues and try to establish contacts with new people. Attending SAP networking events, conferences and user groups will give you a chance to make contacts. Social media can be of great help to build and maintain contacts for your professional life. You can create a good network using LinkedIn. It is one of the best and easiest ways to meet professionals from various parts.
  • Stay Updated– Your current position in an organization may not leave you with sufficient time to improve your skills. However there are lots of other ways which help you in staying onboard with the latest and current developments in SAP.  Seminars and conferences are arranged on weekends for working professionals to keep pace with the latest developments. Experts impart knowledge in such programs, which are not only useful for updating your knowledge but also for meeting new professionals in the industry.
  • Online Opportunities– There is no better platform than social media in today’s time to market your knowledge and skills. There are various professional groups and websites where you can make contributions by participating in discussion forums or helping people in doubt. This helps to create a place for yourself in the industry and get recognized. LinkedIn is a place where you can meet plenty of employers in search of knowledgeable and experienced workers. Establishing yourself on such platforms helps in getting noticed by organization.
  • Practice your Confidence– A confident person is one who can get hired easily.  If you want to market yourself well, the first thing is to present yourself as capable and confident  Improving your confidence while working on your industry knowledge increases your chances of  getting a job.
  • Choose the right recruitment agency- Recruitment agencies play a very important role in helping you to bag a job of your choice. Therefore, selecting the right agency is vital.
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