SAP Certification would give you a better marketability, however, it does not make you Complete SAP Consultant. So, what makes you a complete consultant? Unfortunately, there is no short cut to become an expert SAP Consultant. SAP Consultant jobs are lucrative, at the same time, they are mixed with hard work, lot of sacrifices, enormous amount of reading and flexibility to adopt new situations.

There are number of qualities that are required to become a complete SAP Consultant – Education, business process knowledge, good configuration skills, communication, team playing, understanding the business needs, quality documentation, reading ability, sharing knowledge & many more.

A certification cannot make you a successful consultant in a day, however, it would help you in your life long career journey. Becoming a complete SAP consultant is a long-term process, learning new points on a daily basis and acquiring knowledge over a period is key to your success. The way SAP is coming up with new technologies, it is always difficult for the consultants to maintain that pace throughout their career. If you have a great listening quality, then you will always be open to learn new things. It is the greatest quality of any good quality SAP consultant.

Delphi Computech has a vision to bridge gap between employability and employable talent. We are on a mission to develop employable skills and competency.

Keeping our vision & mission in mind, we have designed a Complete SAP Consultant Program which aims to develop a Complete SAP Consultant.

Training ProgramOfferingDuration
ERP Fundamentals
Business Process
16 hrs
SAP TrainingFunctional/technical
SAP training
160 hrs
Resume building,
Interview tips & tricks to get hired, Career options for certified SAP consultant,Synergies between different
roles in SAP project
8 hrs
Lifecycle Training
Knowledge of various stages of SAP Project. Help candidate understand how project
lifecycle works in
industry, Best Practice& methodologies
16 hrs
Microsoft Excel
Advanced Microsoft
16 hrs
Soft Skills Training behavioral skills &
enhancement training
16 hrs
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