Ever wondered what would it be like being a sales professional? Especially the one who uses an ERP as a trusted solution to not only meet sales targets but also do strategic planning? Think no more as here’s a sneak peek into what would it be like if you were an SAP SD consultant. I’m quite sure you may have already heard about SAP.

What is SAP?

Well, SAP is nothing, but a global top tier ERP solution used by many Fortune companies across the world. Sales and Distribution is one of the most important SAP modules to support business processes covering selling, shipping and billing of the product or service.

What is SAP Sales & Distribution (SD)Module?

SAP Sales & Distribution is tightly coupled with SAP’s Material Management module. SD module includes customer and vendor master data, sales, delivery, billing, pricing as well as credit management.

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue SAP SD Training

As exciting as it sounds, any graduate can truly pursue SD module provided they are keen to be a good learner and explore the world of SAP SD. Not only graduates but also experienced professionals who might be already working as SAP SD Consultant and even the super user community would benefit from a refresher course of SAP SD Module.

Being a Certified Consultant adds great value to your resume and enhances your chances of bagging a role across the continents.

Minal Gurbani
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