Have you decided to become a SAP Consultant? Welcome! But do you have necessary skill-sets to become a complete SAP Consultant?

There are certain qualities required to become a complete SAP consultant.Let me explain you in detail:-

  • Search & Investigate

You cannot become a consultant if your investigation for the solution to the new customer requirement does not start from search, unless you already know how to implement the requirement.

What happens if you don’t use search? You cannot use the knowledge base accumulated by generations of consultants! It does not mean that you will not get to the solution yourself after some time. But will it be an efficient solution? Will it be a quick solution? Will it be a cost-effective solution? Nobody can guarantee that!

  • Experiment

The best way to present a solution to the customer is to show that it works in the system. It may not be the final solution covering all the possible details and requirements. However, it should be a prototype covering the most important features.

With running an experiment, you may find out that your solution does not work. Well, a negative result is also a result. Think again. Find the loopholes in your solution and experiment again!


If somebody says to you: “I want this to be done this way!”, it does not mean that this is the only way to achieve the output. Let’s rephrase the question: “I want to hammer a nail using a screwdriver!” Does it make any sense?

Ask this person a counter question: “What do you want to achieve?” The possible answers may be: “I want to hammer the nail” or “I want to use a screwdriver”. Both of them are legitimate, but each in its own place.

When you face a similar dilemma in the consultancy, be prepared for a strong confrontation from the users’ side. They may argue that this is the way their business works. They may argue that this has been done for years and years. They may argue that this is their competitive advantage.

Analyze the requirements, not the proposed way to achieve them. Show your flexibility!

Attention to Details

SAP is a well-documented software itself.

What does all the information in the SAP area have in common? It is the approach to the way of giving the information.

And you need to use this information the same way: pay extreme attention to details!

If the documentation or forum recommendation says you need to do A, B, C and D, then you need to follow the instructions literally: do A, then do B, then do C and finally do D. Neither ACBD, nor ABD routes will give you the desired results.

And now, before you make your final decision to become a Complete SAP consultant, ask yourself: are you ready?

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