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Top 7 Highest Paying Sap Modules in 2024

One of the most well-known corporate software vendors, SAP, was founded in 1972 and has undergone significant development since then. It is always evolving and adjusting to satisfy the changing demands of the companies.

In 2016, the HANA SAP module was released. It is well-liked by development companies and has already earned their trust. Before doing this, it is imperative to understand which modules are expected to grow in 2024. This will facilitate your entry into this industry. Therefore, this post aims to let you learn the top 7 highest-paying SAP modules in 2024:


Due to SAP HANA’s rapid growth, profitable job prospects will increase in the upcoming years. Any significant firm prefers people who build a skill set in the SAP HANA module. This module facilitates large transaction rates and helps handle advanced query processing on the same platform. has provided an average salary of around $131,057 annually to provide a good idea of what a professional will earn upon completing the HANA module.


SAP BI/BW is primarily used to analyze transaction data about various companies.  They are used to upgrade the company’s performance quality and simplify connected processes. As it can complete tasks in seconds rather than minutes, it is highly sought after and pays well for qualified candidates.

A salary of about $121,915 annually is anticipated for those who follow this module. SAP ABAP and Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) are the abilities that increase compensation the most for this position. Experience has a great impact on salary.

SAP FICO (Finance and Controlling):

SAP FICO (Finance and Controlling) manages an organization’s financial lifecycle. It integrates the handling of accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, and controlling. There is a large demand for SAP FICO courses throughout the whole country. Professionals with SAP FICO knowledge should expect high pay.

Businesses must use this module to preserve compliance and financial transparency. It facilitates effective financial management, guaranteeing the best possible distribution of resources. Businesses use SAP FICO to make educated decisions and streamline financial processes. Workers with this skill level are essential to an organization’s ability to make money.

SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Trustworthy businesses that use SAP as a useful ERP technology to innovate their business operations may hire highly compensated certified SAP SCM specialists. The SAP SCM certification opens up positions as managers, analysts, trainers, senior consultants, and consultants for SCM.

SCM Certified experts are among the highest paid in the business, and their pay varies depending on their experience, skills, and the particular company’s working culture.

SAP Quality Management (QM)

The SAP QM module can make controlling production quality in business operations easier. With the help of this quality management module, a business can expand more quickly by managing quality in numerous operations in an orderly and useful manner.

Production, planning, notification, inspection, control, and audit management are just a few domains in which the SAP Quality Management (QM) module collaborates. The mean yearly income for a SAP QM consultant is approximately $10,911.98

SAP FI (Financial Accounting):

Any ERP system must have SAP FI (Financial Accounting). Businesses must provide financial reports; hence, SAP FI is in great demand. Experts in this domain make, on average, $120,852 annually. SAP FI is still a popular functional area in the job market because of its primary purpose in financial management.

SAP FI is used by businesses to maintain safety and accelerate financial procedures. Its capacity to manage crucial financial chores effectively gives it significance. The need for qualified SAP FI specialists keeps rising as companies strive for accuracy and transparency in reporting.

SAP Fiori

Businesses looking to improve the user experience for their business applications are becoming increasingly interested in SAP Fiori. This module can result in employment offers with an average salary of $131,056, according to a survey conducted by Personalizing and improving user interactions with SAP systems is the driving force behind the demand for Fiori expertise.

Businesses understand that improving user satisfaction and productivity requires intuitive and effective user interfaces. Role-based access and adaptable design make Fiori suitable for various device types and user requirements. Experts with Fiori training can create and execute user-friendly interfaces that support organizational goals. The need for qualified Fiori specialists in the job market only grows as more businesses implement SAP Fiori.

Wrapping It Up:

Therefore, understanding SAP modules such as HANA, BI/BW, FICO, SCM, QM, FI, and Fiori, along with completing SAP Courses in Pune, could result in numerous employment opportunities. These modules boost the demand for qualified workers in the changing labor market, offering lucrative salary prospects and career growth potential.

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