What does it mean to be a SAP Consultant?

A SAP Consultant is a specialist, who guides a person, business processes, or entire business organization by helping the companies locate the right software to fulfill their requirements.

Is it possible to be a Consultant in a matter of hours/days?

The answer is No, it takes months, and sometimes it even requires years to master the consulting services.

Why is the course period said Hours/Days/Weeks?

Our course will introduce you to the skills in the field of work you wish to be a Consultant in a matter of days. But, mastering these skills in a matter of days, is quite not possible.

What does it take to be an SAP Consultant? 

Consultant jobs demand hard work, lots of sacrifices, an enormous amount of reading & flexibility to adapt to new situations. 

Apart from these, there are many more qualities such as business process knowledge, good configuration skills, communication, team player, understanding the business needs, quality documentation, sharing knowledge, and last but not least, you need to be a patient learner. Being open to learning new things, and listening to others, are some of the greatest qualities of an SAP Consultant.

Why do these skills & qualities matter so much? 

The biggest reason behind the unemployment is the students/professionals’ unbridged gap between employability and employable talent. To bridge this gap, one must master these skills & qualities. Thus, these skills & qualities matter so much to be a successful SAP Consultant.

Why should I choose Delphi Convergen for my SAP Consultant Program? 

Delphi Convergen has the vision to help our students to bridge the gap between employability and employable talent. We are on a mission to develop employable skills and competency. Thus, we can guarantee you the skills that’ll guarantee your employability.

Keeping our vision & mission in mind we have designed the Complete SAP Consultant Program as follows: 

ERP Fundamentals Training:

  • Along with course content, we’ll cover the basic skills that will help you understand the fundamentals of SAP Training.

SAP Training: 

  • Once you clear your ERP Fundamentals, we’ll start with your SAP Training.

Mock Interviews: 

  • Resume building, Interview Tips & Tricks from Experts.

Project Lifecycle Training: 

  • Get an overview of various stages of SAP projects, Industry Best Practices & Methodologies.

Soft Skills Training: 

  • Update your Behavioural skills and communication skills.

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