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Elevate Your SAP Career with EdXin: Integrated Learning, Experience, and Incubation at Delphi

Are you looking to acquire SAP skills? How about learning SAP and at the same time gaining experience by working in a real-time simulated environment? Yes! Delphi, one of India’s trusted and most experienced SAP training centers, has come up with EdXin – a unique opportunity that intelligently integrates education (Ed), experience (X), and incubation (in). Here’s more to EdXin and its benefits.

The Idea of EdXin

Amidst the fiercely competitive environment, companies constantly look for people who are academically qualified and adequately experienced to take on real-world projects and pressures. EdXin, a unique approach towards SAP training, stems from the very thought of empowering businesses as well as SAP learners!

How? While involving SAP training and certification, EdXin also provides learners with an opportunity to work on simulated real-time projects and perform every task associated with SAP implementation projects. So, students gain practical experience and on the other hand, companies get SAP professionals prepared to take up project implementation from day one.

As part of the EdXin program, learners gain first-hand experience of various activities involved in SAP projects. They include but aren’t limited to the following.

  • Requirement gathering and planning
  • Preparing business blueprint documentation
  • Taking sign-offs to freeze the requirements
  • Set up SAP system per requirements
  • Preparing configuration documents
  • Testing the desired functionality and preparing test documentation
  • Preparing for and ensuring timely go-live.

During EdXin, candidates understand the overall process of SAP implementation. They also have deliverables at each phase of the project. Besides, students stay under the control and supervision of senior consultants who comprehensively conduct the program. Hence, while working under expert guidance, learners experience the corporate environment and learn how real-world projects work.

Benefits of EdXin

Here’s how EdXin benefits SAP learners and helps them earn a strategic and competitive advantage over their competitors.

  • Experience working in a simulated real-world environment
  • End-to-end practical experience with SAP implementation project
  • Knowledge of various project phases and exposure to deliverables
  • Broadened career opportunities and better prospects
  • Better interview performance and increased employment preference
  • Learners can start delivering from the first day at work!

Gear Up to Earn a Competitive Edge with EdXin!

So, why just learn SAP when you can also gain practical experience working on SAP implementation projects? Enrol with Delphi and prepare to become a standout in the market. Our experts, innovative pedagogy, and competent learning and project infrastructure are all set to enhance your value as an SAP professional! Call us at 9156864500 and explore more about the EdXin program.

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