Eligibility Criteria: 

Education: BSc, BCA, B.E/B.Tech, B.Des (10+2)MSc, MCA, ME/MTech, M.Des. Graduation or Post graduation in Design background.

Work experience: Fresher or experience in Design.


SAP Fiori – Foundation

Course Content
  • End-User Perspective
    • SAP Fiori Design and SAP Fiori Launchpad
    • Personalization and Data Handling
  • Technology
    • User Interface and Data Services
    • Application Types and SAP Fiori App Recommendations
  • Architecture
    • ABAP Platform and SAP HANA
    • SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fiori Development
  • Configuration
    • Spaces, Groups, and Catalogs
    • SAP Fiori Launchpad Content and Application Manager
    • Catalog Types and App Descriptors
    • Tiles and Target Mappings
  • Content Administration
    • Rapid Activation and Predefined Roles
    • Launchpad Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Adaptation
    • UI Theme Designer
    • Adapt and Extend SAP Fiori Applications
  • Mobility
    • SAP Fiori Mobile
    • SAP Fiori for iOS
  • Integration
    • SAP Business Technology Platform
    • SAP Launchpad Service


Developing UIs with SAPUI5

Course Content 
  • SAP’s UX Strategy
  • SAPUI5 Overview
  • SAP Business Application Studio
  • Loading and Initializing SAPUI5
  • Dependency Management
  • Views and Controllers
  • Layout Controls
  • Fragments
  • Models and Data Binding
  • Localization
  • OData Models
  • Component Implementation
  • Worklist App Development


Advanced SAPUI5 Development

Course Content
  • SAP User Experience and SAPUI5 Strategy
  • MVC Review and Advanced UI Controls
    • Databinding review
    • Best practices SAPUI5
    • SAPUI5 navigation concept
    • Implementing Full-screen Application
    • Implementing Master-Detail Application
    • Working with Messages
    • Implementing Responsive behavior
    • Extending Standard controls
    • Describing custom controls
    • Implementing XML Composite Controls
    • Creating Control and Component Libraries
    • Implementing QUnit and One-Page Acceptance Tests
  • Advanced Data Handling
    • Describing Remote vs. Local Data
    • Working with Mock Server
    • Working with ODataModel
    • Describing OData Deep Insert
    • Working with SAPUI5 Smart Controls
    • Introduction into SAP Fiori Elements
  • Application Adaption and Extension – Introduction
    • Introduction into SAP Flexibility
    • Explaining Extension Points
    • Describing other Types of Extensibility
  • Version Control – Working in Teams
    • Working with GIT
    • Working with GIT Repositories
    • Working with Branches


SAP Fiori Elements Development

Course Content 
  • SAP UX Strategy
    • Describe SAP User Experience Strategy
    • Explain SAP User Experience Tools and Technologies
    • Describe SAP User Experience Use Case for Building Fiori-like Apps
  • SAP Fiori Elements, Overview
    • Explain the concept of Fiori Elements
    • Explain the concept of annotations of OData services
    • Explain the Concept of Smart Control
    • Explain Templates for Fiori Elements
    • Explore the Development Environment
    • Explore the basic process of building Fiori Elements Application
    • Use the CDS View and SADL
    • Use SADL
    • Explain Metadata Extension
    • Learn about Scenarios of Fiori Elements Implementation
  • List Report
    • Explain Basic Annotations for List Report
    • Use Searching and Filtering data
    • Provide the value help
    • Explain Variant Management
  • Object Page
    • Use Basic Annotations for Object Page
    • Use Header Facets for Object Page
    • Use Sections and Facets in Object Pages
  • Advanced Topics of List Report and Object Page
    • Explain the navigation concept and annotations
    • Describe options of external navigation
    • Use data visualization
    • Create charts
    • Perform CRUD operations with BOPF
  • Overview Page
    • Get an overview of the Overview Page (OVP)
    • Implementing Overview Pages
  • Analytic List View
    • Get an overview of the Analytical List Page
    • Implement Analytic List Page
  • Adapt and extend SAP Fiori Element application
    • Get an overview on how to adapt and extend SAP Fiori Element applications

Developing SAP Fiori UIs

Course Content
  • SAP Fiori Launchpad
  • SAP Fiori Design Guidelines
  • Patterns
  • App Types
  • UIs according SAP Fiori App Types
  • Transactional UIs
  • Fact Sheet UIs
  • Analytical UIs
  • UI2 Services
  • Enhancing SAP Fiori UIs
  • View Extension
  • View Modification
  • View Replacement
  • Controller Extension
  • Introduction into SAP Fiori Elements
  • Development Infrastructure