SAP HCM :Human Capital Management


Eligibility Criteria: 

Education: BBA / MBA. Graduation or Post graduation in Human Resource background.

Work experience: Fresher or experience in Human resources.


Management Administration 1

Course Content
  • Explain the main HCM Business Processes
  • Configure Human Capital Management structures
  • Customize the Personnel Structure
  • Update the Organizational Structure
  • Configure Wage Types
  • Set up Default Wage Types
  • Explain Customizing Procedures and Interfaces:
    • Infotype Characteristics
    • Screen Modifications
    • Create Infotype Menus
    • Create a Personnel Action
    • Create a Dynamic Action
  • Create Work and Break Schedules including:
    • Daily and Period Work Schedules
  • Configure Quota Entitlements
    • Accruals and Deduction Rules
  • Configure System Reaction to Collision of Time Infotype Records

Management Administration 2

Course Content
  • Run a Productive Payroll
  • Personnel Calculation Rules
  • Wage Type Valuation
  • Absence Valuation
  • Average Processing
  • Determine Retroactive Accounting Criteria
  • Define Logical Databases
  • Create Infosets
  • Build queries using Ad Hoc Query and SAP Query
  • Configuration of Organizational Structure
    • Expert Mode
    • Simple Maintenance
    • Organization and Staffing Interface
  • Configuration using General Structures
  • Maintenance of Organizational Units
  • Maintain Object Relationships
  • Create Evaluation Paths
  • Set up of Evaluations and Reporting
Human Capital Management
Human Resource