SAPLearn Hub

Train Your Technical Workforce More Effectively with SAP Learning Hub!

Are you an SAP professional looking to train your technical workforce in SAP but worried about the high cost per learner? Don’t worry anymore, as Delphi’s SAP Learning Hub is here to help make SAP training easier, better, and more reasonable. Here’s more to it.

Benefits of SAP Learning Hub

     Here’s how the SAP Learning Hub benefits you.

    • Access to all SAP learning resources
    • Four SAP Certification exam attempts every year to get and remain certified.
    • Hands-on practice systems (unlimited)
    • Access to guided learning and certification opportunities to optimize performance and software adoption.
    • Upskilling, reskilling, and certifying skills in a single place
    • Expert-driven live learning sessions

What Does SAP Learning Intend to Achieve?

      SAP Learning Hub is an initiative that intends to achieve the following.

    • Enable quicker learning on a single comprehensive platform.
    • Provide access to guided, expert-led live sessions
    • Ensure hands-on practice opportunities to develop the necessary skills.
    • Drive more intelligent innovations with a skilled and certified workforce.
    • Help your technical staff receive the certification and remain certified with four certification exams every learner every year.
    • Drive a managed workforce transformation.
    • Enhance the learning process and manage progress via enhanced analytics and comprehensive learning management capabilities.