Buy with special offer and get 5000+ training with it


What is SAP Self-Enablement? 

Self Enablement means enabling a person or team to perform tasks independently. Our Self Enablement program will not only help you gain knowledge & skills but also the tools and resources required to make you independent.

Target Audience: 

Graduates and Post Graduates can apply.


Why one must opt for Delphi Convergen’s Self-Enablement Program? 

Benefits of Delphi Convergen’s Self Enablement program are as follows:

  • Self Enablement training hones your ability to observe, imbibe & practice intelligent approaches to work.
  • With Delphi Convergen’s training you can get a better understanding of the processes involved in the projects.
  • Training will increase your work efficiency by evolving your thought process by upskilling your observance skills and research skills, which will help you with discovering innovative solutions as well.
  • Delphi Convergen’s Self Enablement Program will help you become a successful Self-reliant SAP certified professional.

Buy with special offer and get 5000+ training with it